Rapid and Effective Personal Change. Find out how NLP can help you.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a vast field encompassing interpersonal skills, personal change methods, and processes to access human excellence in almost every profession and human activity. Come be a part of this special, 1.5 hour -sampler designed to give you a glimpse into some of what NLP can offer you. After this intro, if you want to learn the principles of NLP in depth, Robyn and Evelyn are the trainers in the full 18-day NLP Practitioner Certificated Course. The first in Northland, New Zealand. Held 3 days per month,on the fourth Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each Month, over 6 months, beginning, 25th March, 2017 and concluding August, 27th, 2017.
In this 1.5 hour training you’ll be able to notice how changing the way you think changes your feelings automatically, and how directly changing the way you feel can change the way you experience and act in the world. These simple changes can have a profound effect, because with NLP you’ll be changing the way your brain encodes experience. When you learn how to change these codings, your thoughts, experience, and behavior all change, allowing you to access natural states of resourcefulness that you may have never thought possible. Once we understand ourselves in this new way, it not only makes our own lives easier, but we are able to communicate and work with others with a new level of effectiveness, understanding and influence.
Join Robyn and  Evelyn for this NLP sampler evening to:
Learn that your psychological experience has a structure.
Find out how others represent their experience differently.
Dissolve or change unwanted emotions into experiences that work for you.
Discover the positive purpose of critical internal thoughts.
Explore the fundamental principles of effective brief therapy and change work.
Learn about rapport, nonverbal communication, and how to communicate with influence.
Apply NLP principles to your own life and goals.

The Orchard, Mahi Tahi Room, Level one, Corner Cameron & Walton Streets. Entry off Walton.


January 25, 2017 5:30 PM

FINISH DATE                    

January 2017