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Use NLP techniques to achieve true excellence

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut, going over the same things, making the same mistakes, and ending up in the same place time and time again?

Your goals are so clear you can almost taste them … but you just can’t quite get there, yet. I can help.

In the same way that top sportspeople need first-class coaches, and business people need inspirational mentors, great coaching can help you achieve excellence in everyday life.

You may be surprised at how much of what is getting in your way is simply due to your ingrained beliefs and habits. 

Let me show you how to unpack those habits, challenge them, and see your path to success more clearly.

I use a mix of NLP, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, multiple brain integration techniques and time line therapy coaching to help clients identify the changes they want to make and what is stopping them from succeeding.


I like nothing more than seeing my clients succeed, seeing the light go on for people who can suddenly see a brighter future is possible – and that they do have the ability to make a profound change in their lives.


I work with children as young as four to help them with everything from problems with spelling to issues with anxiety. Even very young children can learn techniques to help them become calm in the face of overwhelming emotions. If you are worried about your child’s performance at school, or ability to study, I can help them to understand the techniques that will best help them learn – and how to use the skills they have developed in areas they are good at in the parts of life they are struggling with. Sessions can be conducted one-on-one, or with parents or other family present.

Eliminate Anxiety

Anxiety is a huge roadblock that gets in the way of many people achieving real excellence. I can show you ways to step past that anxiety and put it where it belongs – firmly out of the way of your goals.


Know what you’d like to do, but somehow struggle to get there? I can show you how to put aside the unhelpful routines and thoughts that get in the way of taking the steps you need to, to reach your goals.

You may be surprised at how many small things you do each day that hinder your progress.

Overcoming Trauma

Trauma can create a long-lasting impression on your brain. But it does not have to dictate your future. I’ll help you discover tactics to overcome trauma and quickly deploy new ways of thinking to keep it in its place.

Conquer Depression

Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a toughplace, it can be hard to see a way out. Breaking the negative thought cycles is an important first step.

The NLP approach helps you train your mind – both unconscious and conscious – to react in the way that happy, healthy people do automatically.

Coaching will set you on the path away from depressing habits to a clearer, brighter future.

Conquer Fear & Phobia

You know it’s irrational – but that doesn’t help when you’re terrified. I can help you break through to your subconscious mind to sever the ingrained connections that are holding you hostage to unhelpful fears.

All of these behaviours and reactions are learned, so it is possible to challenge and change them.

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