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I like nothing more than seeing my clients succeed, seeing the light go on for people who can suddenly see a brighter future is possible – and that they do have the ability to make a profound change in their lives.

Robyn Banks Coaching

It’s hugely rewarding to help people help themselves, and trust that I have enough skill to know that they will. 

In the same way the pilot of a plane might take off from one airport, bound for another, I do not always know the exact path that our coaching relationship will take but I am confident that I can always get clients to their destination. 

Everyone has the resources they need, but many have not yet found the key to unlock them. That’s where I come in.

My goal in life to add a little drop of peace to people’s lives. I hope those drops will ripple out to create a more peaceful world now, and into the future.

Let me show you how my coaching skills can help guide you to success.


Robyn Banks has been a business owner since the 80’s and an NLP Practitioner since 2006 and finished her qualification as a Certificated NLP Trainer in 2016. She is also an ICI Coach and qualified as an mBIT (multiple brain integration technique) Coach in 2013. Robyn has attended trainings in NZ, Thailand. Crete Australia and the USA.

She is a Mother, Grandmother and a doer of many crazy, “I wonder if I can?” things. Lives with her partner, Andy and his dog, Missy in Whangarei, the best little town in NZ.


Workshops are available for people who want to brush up on a certain skill, whether that’s improving their communication within a relationship, learning techniques to get better sleep, or developing their business teams.

Contact me for more information about what’s coming up.  


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I offer training for people who want to learn how to practice NLP.

It is open to people of all levels of experience and will suit those who want to be coaches themselves, or just learn how to run their own lives, their families and businesses better, or improve the way they relate to other people.

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